Caribbean Curl

This Jerry Curl hair is not a tight curl but appears more like a wave or slight curl. This look is best for longer styles as it shows off the hair more. This is a high maintenance hair that is durable and looks beautiful on any woman. Caribbean Curl easily maintains its Jerry curl after being washed and straightening of the hair is not recommended as it alters the curl of the hair.

  • Bundle City hair is 100% virgin human hair.
  • Can be dyed, colored, washed, etc.
  • Full Cuticle
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Micro-Machine Wefted
  • Each bundle is approx. 3.5oz

Hair Origin: Southeast Asia (Terms such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian etc. were used in the past to describe the aesthetic of the hair. However to uphold the integrity of the Bundle City brand we have discontinued the use of such terms.)

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