Soft Bonnet Dryer

If you’re after portability and easy storage of a soft bonnet dryer, you’re in the right place. Although a hard hat dryer can give you a salon-like experience, they are big, clunky and those table-top ones can sometimes fall in your face. If you’ve had enough of that or just want something you can easily bring along with you, then our soft bonnet hair dryer is a must!

African-American hair needs particular care when it comes to drying and styling it. Black hair needs a wide tooth comb for detangling and a soft bonnet hair dryer. The latter is probably the holy grail of ethnic hair care to maintain health of black hair. Bundle City Hair Co. soft bonnet hair dryer is an effective tool for drying hair because of its constant, evenly-distributed heat throughout, minimizing the potential for hair damage.

Additionally, they can stretch out natural hair that has tight curls and prepare it for straightening with a flat iron. Soft bonnet hair dryers are inexpensive as well and will last longer if stored properly in a drawer when not in use.

  • Recommended for use on low heat settings 
  • Do NOT allow hose to become twisted or blocked
  • Handheld dyer NOT included

Type: Dryer